Eyelid lifting
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Have droopy eyelids and bags removed

Thanks to an eyelid lift, you will appear fresher and more vital again with a radiant eye area. The eyes are often called the window of the soul.

Eyelid lift is a procedure that affects both the upper and lower eyelids. Both procedures remove excess skin, but the results are very different.
For the upper eyelids, depending on the findings, parts of the muscle and fat are removed. The changes to the upper eyelid contour are more subtle after the procedure and recede over time. In comparison, the lower eyelids are treated differently because people tend to sit or lie with their eyes fully open rather than partially closed, as when sleeping or sitting with their eyes slanted upwards. Therefore, there is often no excess skin or wrinkles at all, only fat deposits that can be redistributed as needed. This means that neither additional skin removal nor scars affect your vision.

Advantages of an eyelid lift